Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mount Saint Helens Photo Seminar

Join me at Mount Saint Helens this July 9th for a fun day in the outdoors with your camera.  The seminar is $50 and sponsored by the Mount Saint Helens Institute (they handle sign ups).  We'll cover some of the main features of your cameras, whether they are point and shoots or full on SLR's with interchangeable lenses.  With a few basics under our belts (exposure, white balance, shooting modes and color) we'll move on to lighting and composition. 

Including people in your landscapes provides the viewer with a sense of scale; an individual dwarfed by the immensity of nature.  I have a fair bit of knowledge in this area, as I've written and published photos of outdoor sports for three decades.  We can model for each other, and experiment with your ideas.

I will give students a list of simple assignments to shoot while hiking about. And as there are a plethora of subjects to point ones camera at, we'll discuss closeup work and abstracting elements out of the landscape.  Later I'll give students feedback on their photo assignments.

Because the 1980 volcanic event that occurred was so significant, the often asked question arises "Where were you on that day?"  I was living in Portland and fast asleep, after driving through the night from Wyoming.  My parents however were not.  As Ham radio volunteers they witnessed the May 18 eruption from 8 miles to the west, and dad got some amazing photos that day.

Add to the fact that we as a family had been climbing to the top and skiing off the mountain, ever since my mom's first climb in 1945.  It has become a special mountain for us, as I'm sure it will for you. Below is the link to the Mount Saint Helens Institute, and the photo seminar if you want to sign up. seminar/photography in the blast zone with alan kearney/

Hope to see you there.

Alan Kearney